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The name says it all: innovation, action, dynamism, power. All these concepts are behind the JET brand. The entire JET team is imbued with drive and passion to continuously launch better and better products on the market. These are the features of the machine and tools imported by JET for the professional and DIY market.
In fact, these are the characteristic features of the entire Walter Meier


Jet tools and Machinery Australia was established in 2007 by Walter Meier Manufacturing to import and distribute the range of Jet Tools and Machinery around Australia. Jet Tools and Machinery Australia (JET Australia) has establish a chain of retail dealers in all states and territories of Australia. Additionally, to provide expectional service to our customers we have appointed 9 dealers as Jet Tool Shops around Australia.

All of us at JET Australia would like to invite you to be apart of our woodworking family. The following woodworking tools and accessories presented on our website are the results of countless hours of research, design, engineering and manufacturing from around the world.

We support these products with one of the best warranty in the business and back it with after sales service. Go visit a dealer near you and you will see why you get more from JET.


The establishment of JET 1950 in the USA and the growth of the Walter Meier Manufacturing are examples of the success the entire group has enjoyed in the shared achievement of goals.

JET started in Europe in 2002 and now leads the way in demonstrating how easy machining of wood and metal can be. The impressive features of JET products are their unbeatable prices in relation to their high quality. Walter Meier Manufacturing maintains branches in Europe, Asia and North America and employees around 500 people. With approximately 200 employees in Taiwan (Taichung) and China (shanghai, Hangzhou), JET guarantees the ultimate in quality. In its search for targeted innovation, JET is constantly taking on new challenges. Just like the millions of hobbyists and professionals who rely on JET in their work.


JET was one of the first importers of machinery and tools manufactured in Asia. With offices in Taichung, Shanghai and Hangzhou, a quality assurance system has been developed, from which our customers benefit every day. With the company’s own production plants in Ningbo and Laizhou (china), JET secures its expertise for the future, exclusively to the specifications of the JET Engineering Department and the global JET product management.


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