Tower Light Controller

A large selection of light signaling is used for a wide variety of applications in the industry, as industrial signaling. There are different types of tower light:

  • Permanent;
  • Strobe;
  • Blinking;
  • Rotating;
  • Tower light with halogen lamps and;
  • With LED bulbs.

They can be used for mounting on vehicles, dashboards, and all types of mounts and stands. They contain high IP protection. Combined light sound signaling is used for various industrial applications -for machines, vehicles, and buildings. There are different series that are used for different applications:

  • KLL Series is a combination of electromechanical horns with permanent light in 6 colors;
  • The S Series is a modular tower mounting option;
  • The VS4 Series is designed for waterproof application;
  • The CS1 Series is a cost-effective LED bulb with an electronic multi-tone siren;
  • The M22 Series is a universal LED lamps with a horn for mounting on the control panels;
  • The A and K Series are modular designs with high intensity and LED or Xenon lamps. They are suitable for the formation of industrial tower lights;
  • KSS-KTS and KSM-KTM Series have options with dominant light indication and low horns with high impact and vibration resistance.

The West N2300 offers great flexibility and can be used as a tower light controller or indicator. This controller has the largest red or green display, of all 24×48 mm. The West N2300 tower light controller has large rubberized buttons for easy handling and two outputs for alarms. Thanks to the large display with the green or red backlight, all parameters are easy to adjust.

The N8080 is a digital tower light controller that it has a large LED display containing five digits. This tower light controller can lock and change the color of the display when the alarm turns on, and it also has a min/max memory value.

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